Create Your Own Shapewear

Do you have the same little trouble? Can’t find a perfect fit shapewear for myself. Dont know what product you need... Maybe you just need a Body Shaping Consultant as Nebility.

How we know your little trouble?

In the past ten years, Nebility products have served millions of female customers, and received a large number of real data questionnaire feedback from these customers, which of course also includes your little troubles.
While focusing on satisfying most of our customers, we have never stopped paying attention to a small number of customers, so we have launched this 'product personalized customization service' accounting to a large amount of our data modeling.

What Nebility do to solve these?

This customized product service is based on the questionnaire data. You can choose the part you want better. Our system will match the customer data to recommend you, and arrange a designer to design a completely personalized shapewear for you.
*Of course, in order to ensure your amazing experience, please measure and fill in the dimensions according to the measurement.

How It Works?

3 Steps Easy to custom your only product:

  1. Select the potions you want to improve
  2. Fill the following data
  3. system will auto match product and you can add it to the cart, our designer will customize the products only for you accounding to your data.
※Any question, please contact us via facebook messenger, we always waiting for servicing you.

How to Measure Size?

Which part do you want to Measure? Click the option to watch example.

Bust Sizing

Waist Sizing

Thigh Sizing

Butt Sizing

Arm Sizing

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※The model's height is 5.ft Weight is 180lbs

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